Melitta® 600

Flexible and economical preparation of coffee for hotels and conference centres in a modular concept.



Melitta® 600 - Zeitschaltuhr

Integrated Timer

The filter program can be selected as required in one litre steps through the easy to use key pad.
The chosen amount as well as additional user tips are shown in the lighted display.

The Melitta® 600 can be programmed to turn on, warm up and begin its filter program by way of an the integrated timer.

Melitta® 600 - Bauskasten

Flexible expansion possibilities

Modular system with many possible variations:
One or two heating plates, fitting table or serving wagon.



Melitta® 600 - Heißwasser

Hot water outlet

High performance hot-water spout.

Melitta® 600 - Erhöhte Bodenplatte

Raised bottom plate

Raised bottom plate for filling larger coffee containers.

Melitta® 600 - Mengenauslauf

Outlet for jugs

Movable outlet to fill cans, jugs and containers quickly.


Filter paper

Perfect for Melitta® 608 (Pa SF 206 G)
Content: 200 pcs
Order No: 1014259

Perfect for Melitta® 620 (Pa SF 220 G)
Inhalt: 100 pcs
Order No: 1014228

Sales & Planning

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