Cafina® ALPHA-F

The fully automatic filter coffee machine for the ultimate in quality and performance.


Funktionen / Bedienung

Cafina® ALPHA-F - Leistungsstark

High performance

The Cafina® ALPHA-F can prepare 500 cups of filtered coffee per hour fully automatically. As required and with an intelligent program to set a minimum storage volume. If the stored volume falls below a pre-defined level, the Cafina® ALPHA-F automatically begins preparing a fresh supply.

Cafina® ALPHA-F - Flexibel


The available programs range from a single brew of 0.5 liters (2 jugs) for smaller needs - at the beginning or end of business - to 1- or 2-liter brews, to storage volumes of 1, 2, 3 or 4 liters. Whether cup, jug or pot - with dosed volume dispensing you'll always find the right amount.


Anbausteine und Abrechnungssysteme

Cafina® ALPHA-MC - Tassenwärmer

Cafina® ALPHA-CW

Cup warmer with three heated storage areas holding approx. 80 cups.

Cafina® ALPHA-MC - Milchkühler

Cafina® ALPHA-MC

There is a cooling module in the ALPHA-design for refrigerated milk storage available in your choice of a 9 litre container or a container with two milk chambers each holding 4 litres to allow production of coffee specialties with two different milk varieties.There is also an optional - flexible milk connection to an external refrigerator under the counter.

Cafina® ALPHA-S - Schokodispenser

Cafina® ALPHA-S

Graphic display for indication of service functions. Front door secured with lock. Beverage discharge for containers up to 140 mm high.

Cafina® ALPHA-MW - Münzwechsler

Cafina® ALPHA-MW

Extension block complete with built-in change machine system and interface DIVA Base 2 for connection to one or two units for all Cafina® ALPHA models without steam fitting.

Cafina® ALPHA-MCU - Unterstellkühler


Compressor refrigerator, housing made of stainless steel, front and side parts painted aluminum gray. Door secured with lock.

Milk container content max. 8 liters, digital temperature indicator

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