Manchester United

In October 2017, Melitta became Official Coffee Partner of Manchester United, serving hospitality needs for the club and utilizing this partnership on a global scale.

La Tazza Verde

Enjoy excellent coffee with a clear conscience – grown organically and traded fairly. Sustainability can taste so tempting.

Monte d’ORo, Monte d’Argento & Favorit

Who says being spoilt for choice is so bad? Not us. We actively encourage it with our rich variety of coffee specialties for every taste and every enjoyment occasion.

Café Crème

Is there such a thing as a good cup of coffee to suit every taste? There certainly is. Our café crème ticks every box. Expect consistently top quality and many satisfied coffee lovers.


Melitta moments matter

Although much has happened over the past 111 years, one thing has always remained the same: Our desire to create special moments in the daily life of people. Pleasure, comfort, trust and security are still at the heart of our products today – whether at home, on the road or in the catering sector.


For the Manchester United Coffee, we have decided the Rainforest Alliance Certification to be our chosen accreditation. It is a very comprehensive sustainability certification and managed by the Sustainable Agriculture Network a coalition of independent, non-profit conservation groups.

Our “La Tazza Verde®” product line is also Organic and Fairtrade certified. These coffees are 100% from certified organic production and subject to regular inspections. The independent Fairtrade seal gives consumers the security that these products meet the international standards for fair trade.

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