La Tazza Verde

Enjoy excellent coffee with a clear conscience – grown organically and traded fairly. Sustainability can taste so tempting.

La Tazza Verde

Coffee beans from highland regions in South and Central America with particularly suitable climates: 100% ecologically farmed, 100% Fairtrade and then roasted in the typically Italian way! A sustainable coffee experience with a delicate note of tropical fruit and chocolate style. You can bet that your guests will just not be able to get enough – an organic full-bodied Espresso or a delicious Cappuccino?

Maximum enjoyment and sustainability – a simply perfect combination.

Taste may be a matter of debate. But not good taste. La Tazza Verde is simply top-class coffee for sustainable enjoyment – proving conclusively that doing good and tasting good are no longer mutually exclusive.

Facts about Fairtrade


Fairtrade seal awareness in UK


smallholder organizations in 31 countries grow coffee according to Fairtrade standards.


metric tons of Fairtrade-certified coffee available worldwide.


trust the Fairtrade brand in the UK

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