Monte d’ORo, Monte d’Argento & Favorit

Who says being spoilt for choice is so bad? Not us. We actively encourage it with our rich variety of coffee specialties for every taste and every enjoyment occasion.

Melitta® Monte D’argento

The intense coffee.

For this blend, our experts turned to the coffee growers in South America, Asia and East Africa. The gentle roasting of the beans guarantees a well-rounded, aromatic taste. There are nuances that are reminiscent of chocolate. Monte d’Argento is ideal for preparing Café Crème and Espressos. It will appeal to all those who like their favourite drink to be strong and intense.

Melitta® Monte D’oro

The elegant coffee.

Unique blend of the finest Arabica varieties. Beans from Central America provide a pleasant spicy flavour while the highland coffee of Colombia adds a mild and elegant aroma. Our coffee will captivate with its delicate fruity notes, leaving behind a hint of “citrus“. A smooth and delicious coffee experience! For bringing a delicious Americano or latte to the table …

Melitta® Favorit

The fine coffee.

A blend of high-quality Arabica coffee varieties from Central America and East Africa are carefully roasted. This blend is a great basis for offering an exquisite milky coffee or full-bodied filter coffee. Our Favorit has a convincing mild aroma and an indulgent delicate hint of citrus. A genuine and top-class “fine“ experience for your guests …

Perfect variety carefully selected from our experts

As diverse as our blends are, they all have one thing in common: our passion for top-class coffee. And your customers will taste it with every single cup.

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