At MPCS we have decided the Rainforest Alliance Certification to be our chosen accreditation. It is the most comprehensive sustainability certification developed to date, is managed by the Sustainable Agriculture Network a coalition of independent, non-profit conservation groups. Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms ensure: the environment and wildlife are protected; workers receive decent wages and improved working and living conditions; workers and their families have access to education, medical care and clean water; coffee is harvested and processed responsibly.

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Melitta are proud to serve coffee to our Foodservice partners in more than 10 countries around the globe. Whilst proudly delivering our branded range, we also have extensive insights and experience within the private label channel

This knowledge, combined with our world class roasting facilities, all adds depth to the Melitta offering. With a heritage that spans back over 100 years within coffee we have seen trends come and go - filter coffee being the classic example.

However, one thing is clear, that the growing demand for higher quality coffee away from the home means the modern day suppliers have to be flexible enough to adapt.

We know the branded coffee market also have extensive insights and experience within the private label channel. We understand the importance of world class supply chain management in relation to the global commodity of coffee. 

The UK marketplace is a fast paced, ever changing environment and as such trust and reliability from suppliers is a key component. 

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