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The Melitta Advantage


For Your Team

Fuel your team and customers with world-class coffee from a Melitta Coffee Machine. Discover the benefits of the Melitta Coffee experience for your business.

We provide quality coffee machines, coffee and technical service to boost your business to the premier league, and because we provide a total 360 approach you never need to find a substitute… ever.

Coffee. There’s everything to play for.

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

Football is back

So bring the taste of Old Trafford to your business with Melitta: The Official Coffee Partner of Manchester United

The world may have changed the way how we actually go to the stadium and enjoy football, yet Melitta will still be able to deliver you an important part of the game. A nice fresh cup of coffee prepared with state of the art, high quality bean to cup machines and freshly roasted coffee, just as we do at Old Trafford.

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Thrilled catering staff, impressed clients and guests


matchday hospitality customers have had the opportunity to enjoy Melitta coffee at Old Trafford stadium


increase in matchday hospitality coffee consumption upon the introduction of Melitta coffee solutions to Old Trafford

“At Manchester United we pride ourselves on offering to our fans the best possible experience when visiting Old Trafford. Melitta have quickly demonstrated how they can assist us with this aim, by providing premium products and services to the tens of thousands of hospitality visitors we welcome each home game, as well as non matchday visitors who have the opportunity to visit the Red Café supported by Melitta.”

Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director, Manchester United

“We’ve seen an incredible uptake in the coffee consumption. We’ve gone from between 4.000-5.000 cups to between 9.000-10.000 cups a game with Melitta as the coffee partner.”

Stephen Reed, Deputy Head of Catering & Service Delivery, Manchester United