Melitta® cup III

Melitta® cup represents trend and lifestyle as a luxury class table-top machine - at a fair price and high performance.

Melitta® cup III - Fresh. Aromatic. Diverse.

Hourly output in Cups (depending on the model, drink and container size)

Technical Data:

Coffee enjoyment at your convenience.

Relaxing at the hotel bar, sitting in meetings, chatting at the photocopier - turning waiting times into a real pleasure: these are people enjoying coffee from the Melitta® cup. In a restaurant, bistro or café. In an agency. At the office. In a waiting zone. At the station. The airport. Or a service station... The Melitta® cup is a fully equipped automatic machine for preparing coffee specialities, hot water for tea and cocoa products – and therefore perfect for both sales counters and self service.

Additional options

Coffee output for jugs through an optional jug outlet.


Individual recipes or flavours can also be prepared with the Melitta® cup. Whether it is water for tea, café crème, latte macchiato or hot cocoa, everything is prepared easily and quickly at the touch of the display.

Easy Handling

Digital operation and programming via its touch display. Perfect portions. Long-term reliability.


Additional modules and payment systems.

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