Melitta® cup-breakfast

Melitta® cup-breakfast combines outstanding coffee compositions and powerful fully automatic coffee machines with a comprehensive range of services.

Melitta® cup-breakfast - A plus in pleasure!

Hourly output in Cups (depending on the model, drink and container size)

Technical Data:

Filter coffee within seconds

Melitta® cup-breakfastA plus in pleasure! The Melitta®cup - breakfast prepares delicious filter coffee within a matter of seconds – thanks to automatic top-ups and the aroma-retaining storage system: max. 3 litres.High reliability and easy operation make this coffee machine the product of choice.

Additional options

Coffee output for jugs through an optional jug outlet.

Hot milk or cocoa

You can choose milk, chocolate or decaffeinated coffee. HACCP approved.

Fully automatic cleaning

Fully automatic cleaning using tablets. Easy cleaning for milk and chocolate. Coffee grounds removal through the built-in grounds drawer. Optional container discharge.


Additional modules and payment systems.

More information about Melitta® coffee machines and Melitta® coffee: Brochures, data sheets and other information.