The right dishes for each specialty.


M Cups

The secret tip for restaurateurs is an indispensable basis for sensual taste experiences. The ambitious program of cups combines sensual design and useful function. Ideal to spoil style conscious coffee lovers.

For unlimited coffee. Clean and modern. This way, your guests will love the coffee classics and specialties.


Espresso cup

Mcups Espressotasse

Size: 0,10 l

Coffee cup

Mcups Kaffeetasse

Size: 0,20 l

Cappuccino cup

Mcups Cappuccinotasse

Size: 0,25 l

Milk coffee cup

Mcups Milchkaffeetasse

Size: 0,45l



M cups Henkelbecher / Haferl

Size: 0,35l

Latte Macchiato Glass

M cups Latte Macchiato Glas

Size: 0,34l

Breakfast plate

M cups Frühstücksteller

Size: 22cm

Combi Saucer

M cups Kombiuntertasse

Size: 16cm


Espresso saucer

M cups Espressountertasse

Size: 11cm

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M Collection

Glass and Porcelain. For enjoyment you can touch.

Grant your coffee the culture it deserves. Serve it together with the traditional glass of water.
A time for reflection during your day-to-day hectic . You will be thanked with a smile.


Latte Macchiato-Glass

Cappuccino-/Latte Macchiato-Glas

Coffee/Cappuccino cup

Kaffee-/Cappuccino Tasse

Espresso cup


Espresso glass


Desert plate

M Collection Desserteller

Espresso saucer

M Collection Espressountertasse


M Collection Untertasse

Espresso spoon

M Collection Espressolöffel

Gift set

M Collection Geschenksets

Epresso, coffee / cappuccino, latte macchiato

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